What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber-optic internet is the fastest residential internet technology available. Over 200 fiber internet providers exist in the United States and …

Fiber-Optic Speed

Fiber-optic internet is generally faster than other types of internet. Fiber-optic technology allows for more data to be transferred in …

At Gigabit Speeds Per Second, Air Fiber Internet Delivers Much Faster Downloads

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The new ultra fast 5G air fiber wireless Home internet service is now available to lake Carroll Residents

We work hard to be #1 in the wireless industry. Not only do we deliver fast, reliable Internet to our customers, we also deliver peace of mind with our A+ installation rating.

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Fiber internet outperforms even significant cable internet speeds. A fast cable connection can deliver speeds as fast as 50Mbps. That’s considerable, the average speed in the U.S. clocks in at about 12Mbps. But fiber optic speed can be as much as 20 times faster than 50Mbps broadband.

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Fiber optic Internet is less likely to go down during a power outage. Because fiber optic Internet is made of glass, there is no electricity involved.

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Cable has a reputation as being fast, but Fiber Optic cable internet speed is amazingly fast. Plus, FiOS allows the user to send data over much greater distances while maintaining speed.

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